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“honey lets go see an acreage…it’ll be fun”

Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton…these are all beautiful cities to make home-base, don’t get me wrong.  But I grew up in small-town Alberta and spent a ton of time on acreages as a result of having most of my friends live out there.  I spent my summers THERE…rural Alberta in all its scorching glory &  winters in all its Alberta blizzard chaos:  Those memories I would not trade for the world.  Yeah, we did teen stuff, gossip, painting nails, talking about boys, even out in the middle of nowhere…but summers out in the country giggling & riding horses & up to no good are a LOT different than being up to no-good in the city.  But up to no good in rural Alberta kept me out of trouble city-life would have… that is guaranteed.  I enjoyed the lazy hot days of summer jumping on friends’ trampolines, riding bikes on gravel roads, sleepovers in tents & hay-bales (which isn’t a good idea bye the way).  Something about being surrounded by golden wheat fields or bright yellow canola fields or being able to get through the troubled teen years with no means of transportation to the city (pre-licence age), are memories that are amongst my most treasured.  Winters spent snow-mobiling, skating on acreage ponds & just plain learning to be comfortable in my own skin when I got bored (pre-texting/cell phone/Internet age, well… it just IS a different way of life.  There is no better time than now to raise children out in the country, away from the temptations & stress of city-life.  Oh sure…a teen will find trouble anywhere…but it takes more creativity to GET to the trouble & a lot more embarrassment afterwards to get OUT of it too (every neighbour between your place & the Rockies knows too).  There is also a natural progression of respect for the land, the animals, the food, the work; values I argue we are so quickly losing in our culture of technology & fast-paced 9-5 jobs.

There are so many acreages between Calgary, Didsbury, Red Deer & Leduc as we travel North along Highway 2 from Calgary.  If you’re looking for an escape from the rat race…there is something for everyone and any budget.  Our equestrian community is strong and once you get a taste of country-life (or even a small 2 acre acreage), living in the confines of a city…is just claustrophobic & downright crazy.  In a recent opinion poll I took of people’s life on acreages, here were the results.

WHY MOVE TO THE COUNTRY OPINION POLL (thanks to Kijiji!! And the many responses from this question posted)

“Raising kids to respect nature, responsibility & self sufficiency …that’s what we have all learned since moving to our Cochrane acreage.  There’s a rule that all phones/ipods/ipads/iwhatevers need to be turned into a bin by 9pm nightly.  This keeps my teen boys from straying to Internet sites they need avoid (boys will be boys) & keeps me realizing, that our move to the acreage was worth the conveniences of Calgary.  Their friends are even asking to come here to hang out here instead of in town (they go to school in Cochrane).  Fine by me, so long as all the chores are done & there’s no swearing”                 Jim & Darlene Smithwyck, Cochrane, AB

“ I moved because I was stressed out with my lifestyle where I worked in downtown Calgary, got off at 5, meandered my way towards the Deerfoot just to creep along at a snails pace to my home I couldn’t afford in the suburbs an hour (if I was lucky) later, just to make dinner go to bed, wake up drop kids off at the day home, and do it all over again.  I asked my boss if there was a way to work from home. He said yes.  I phoned my realtor & put my house on the market.  I did the most irrational & irresponsible thing and bought a 4 acre property outside Beiseker & have never regretted it.  It was 50,000 cheaper than my home & we decided to cut things we don’t need for a year to see if we could catch up on debt. We paid off all credit cards/no cable/started growing our veggies in the summer, and now after things are financially fine…my son said he doesn’t miss the tv channels anyhow.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!”            Sandy P, Beiseker, AB

“My daughter was invited to a 4H club event with a friend from school (i was newly divorced).  Then came riding lessons. Then came having to meet the other parents at 4H (I am a born & raised city-girl) and newly divorced, they opened their hearts to us, like I had never experienced & very much needed at that difficult time. They were a different kind of people, and I felt cared for & made life-long friends at 4H. Country families are more generous with their time & hearts and within 2 years I sold our Edgemont home in NW Calgary & moved to a High River acreage where we spent so much time anyhow.  Wish I had done it sooner.” – Cindy F., High River, AB

“I am born & raised a farm-girl, but married a city boy.  He wouldn’t move to the farm & I had no interest in taking over my Dad’s ranch, so we compromised with a small acreage in Didsbury (well about 10 mins outside of town). I have 2 little girls that have never eaten store-bought vegetables or fruit and we teach them to respect the resources that we can save or recycle or grow.  We grow it all.  They respect animals & the work it takes as part of the enjoyment of them. My city-boy loves our acreage too and we aren’t too far from Calgary that we can’t go into enjoy the bigger amenities of it”       S. Holdt, Didsbury, AB

My son was being bullied in our Calgary area school & he found comfort in his weekly riding lesson out in Airdrie, just being with the horse.  This was the only time he seemed to truly love his life without being conscientious about being teased.  We are a middle-class family & thought that moving to an acreage would be costly, however we budgeted the things that were important and were able to sell our home in Cranston and move to a small acreage in Balzac.  My son turned 16 last January & got a job at an Airdrie grocery store and bought his own horse last month with his savings.  We have agreed to pay for the boarding costs if he bought his own horse(as this is his only activity) & he is thriving and home-schooled.  Rural living does not have to mean farm living…my husband still works downtown Calgary & is able to catch up on his favorite pod-casts on the 30 min drive home.  PS…thanks for this opinion poll…!!.”     A & K Lovas, Balzac, AB

This featured rural property is a small acreage outside of Didsbury (about 15 mins east), it is a nicely renovated 2 storey home situated on 7.81 acres of land complete with paddocks & shelters.  Perfect place for the family wanting to buy a few horses & escape the city.  The buyer can enjoy not only the use of their own land for riding, but that of the remainder quarter section of land that is owned by a central Alberta-based cattle rancher, who does not use the land much of the year.  For more details, please go here: http://ronaelepound.com/listing/starter-acreage/


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“The Golden Stairwell”

Venetian Plaster can also be done in a less tightly trowelled technique and then waxed, giving areas like stairwells/ceilings/lofts a magnificence that just can’t be achieved with paint.  The more layers…the more dimensional and BEAUTIFUL your end product.  This has been my best seller in the past and the tone of the gold (or silver etc.) can be less or more depending on what the client wants.  WOW factor is a given.  It goes without saying, that money should be set aside to budget for a chandelier to show off the reflective qualities in your work.  Labour intensive…somewhat, depending on how many layers (and budget).   Invest in a good trowel (order a Japanese trowel online…I can’t find these locally and the trowels at Home Depot were not made for this specialty plaster & intricate work).  Also DO NOT have 2 people work the same wall.  It won’t be uniform so what you start…you need to finish.  I occasionally will do classes for groups, and this one is always a winner….and a best-seller for those who are learning this trade.  Again, this process is about layering so expect to get a good workout, and don’t rush the process…Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Venetian Plaster Technique 2

This wall is by far one of the most labour-intensive but the result is bar-none…STUNNING.  It involves compressing limestone layer-by-layer into itself with a trowel with skim coats.  This technique is easily over 1000 years old, and like all TRUE venetian plasters, it is infinitely the ugliest project you’ll think you ever laid eyes on….until of course…the glorious last layer.  It can be tinted to almost any color under the rainbow, however, tinting limestone is a chemistry you need formula’s for (and a good art shop that can custom pour you the universal colorant in the ratios you need.  Dark colors are harder to achieve, but not impossible and upon that last layer, you will not be second guessing the ugliness that the wall to this point was.  You need lots of patience and a ton of elbow grease but it is GORGEOUS & worth the (many many) hours.  For the artist wanting to WOW their clients…this is the one…  If you need formula’s to tint your limestone…please inquire. 

Old World Stone Walls

There is NOTHING, in my opinion, as beautiful as old world style plaster walls.  Venetian plaster comes in so many styles & is so versatile in the looks that can be accomplished, I fail to see why we continue to keep such a low standard: taupe walls…white baseboards.  Especially for those who have young children, the beauty with this particular style wall shown, is that it can be patched & added to…making each correction/patch/layer more interesting and authentic than when it began.  Selling a home with such different walls than the rest on the block, sets it apart…which is really what you want if you have to sell in a buyers market. 




CMHC – RRAP PROGRAM (Barrier-Free Living Program)

“Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers financial assistance to allow homeowners and landlords to pay for modifications to make their property more accessible to persons with disabilities. These modifications are intended to eliminate physical barriers, imminent safety risks and improve the ability to meet the demands of daily living within the home.”        CHMC




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