“The Golden Stairwell”

Venetian Plaster can also be done in a less tightly trowelled technique and then waxed, giving areas like stairwells/ceilings/lofts a magnificence that just can’t be achieved with paint.  The more layers…the more dimensional and BEAUTIFUL your end product.  This has been my best seller in the past and the tone of the gold (or silver etc.) can be less or more depending on what the client wants.  WOW factor is a given.  It goes without saying, that money should be set aside to budget for a chandelier to show off the reflective qualities in your work.  Labour intensive…somewhat, depending on how many layers (and budget).   Invest in a good trowel (order a Japanese trowel online…I can’t find these locally and the trowels at Home Depot were not made for this specialty plaster & intricate work).  Also DO NOT have 2 people work the same wall.  It won’t be uniform so what you start…you need to finish.  I occasionally will do classes for groups, and this one is always a winner….and a best-seller for those who are learning this trade.  Again, this process is about layering so expect to get a good workout, and don’t rush the process…Rome wasn’t built in a day.