Venetian Plaster Technique 2

This wall is by far one of the most labour-intensive but the result is bar-none…STUNNING.  It involves compressing limestone layer-by-layer into itself with a trowel with skim coats.  This technique is easily over 1000 years old, and like all TRUE venetian plasters, it is infinitely the ugliest project you’ll think you ever laid eyes on….until of course…the glorious last layer.  It can be tinted to almost any color under the rainbow, however, tinting limestone is a chemistry you need formula’s for (and a good art shop that can custom pour you the universal colorant in the ratios you need.  Dark colors are harder to achieve, but not impossible and upon that last layer, you will not be second guessing the ugliness that the wall to this point was.  You need lots of patience and a ton of elbow grease but it is GORGEOUS & worth the (many many) hours.  For the artist wanting to WOW their clients…this is the one…  If you need formula’s to tint your limestone…please inquire.